11 Healthy Lunchbox Lunch Ideas

By Jamie Leach

Pack each item separately if you are worried about your wrap getting soggy, and assemble it at lunchtime.

BLT Wraps

Whether you serve it in a bowl or between bread, this Healthy Tuna Salad is absolutely delicious and ready in minutes.

Healthy Tuna Salad

Lunchbox Muffins are a great way to keep their lunches more snack-like. Pack a bunch of small items and watch that lunchbox come home empty for a change.

Lunchbox Muffins

Don’t let it go to waste. Turn it into Spaghetti Cups for school lunches. Delicious, eating for small hands to handle, and always gobbled up.

Spaghetti Cups

You don’t have to give your kids granola bars that are riddled with processed sugar and corn syrup. 

No-Bake Granola Bars

The flavors are wonderful, and it’s actually satisfying. Pack with some fruit and a side of whole-grain crackers.

Cucumber Sandwich

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