America’s Most Delicious Chinese Food Chains

This alone recommends all of his restaurants, which are under the parent company, Asian Concepts. 

Mark Pi’s

The restaurant especially appeals to chicken lovers, as there are many iterations, including lemon chicken, curry chicken and Hunan chicken. 


This chain is mostly found in strip malls around the country, so you can get sweet and sour chicken, chow mein and fried wontons in between shopping.

Chinese Gourmet Express

We recommend this dish above all others, but the menu has enough items to satisfy any craving. 

Mama Fu's

The menu includes Chinese, American-Chinese and pan-Asian dishes. You'll find everything from sesame chicken to Thai coconut curry.

Leeann Chin

Mr. Chow stands out from the rest of the other Chinese chains by being extremely upscale.

Mr. Chow

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