Best Exercises To Lose Weight At Home

Jogging and running are regarded as the monarch of exercises for weight loss. These are exercises that target the entire body.

Aerobic Exercises

Skipping provides a full-body workout that increases muscle strength, metabolism, and calorie expenditure in a short amount of time. 

Skipping or Jumping Rope

The Plank Pose or Plank exercise is among the most effective total-body exercises.


Push-ups are beneficial for weight loss because they push the body away from the earth and exert energy, which burns calories. 

Push-Ups and Pull-Ups

Squat exercises are considered muscle-building exercises. The primary objective of this exercise is to strengthen the lower body. 


Lunges aid in lean muscle development and fat loss. It is essential to challenge yourself and incorporate lunges into a high-intensity workout routine involving hefty weights. 


Vegetables Good for Weight Loss