Best Healthy Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss in 2023

By Jamie Leach

Your favorite jar of salsa quickly turns into the base for a shrimp, spinach, and cheese-packed dinner. 

killet Salsa Shrimp With Spinach and Feta

White beans and spinach bring a ton of filling protein and fiber to the one-pan dish for a 20-minute meal that hits all the food groups and flavors you love.

Orecchiette With White Beans and Spinach

A 30-minute dinner that is good for you, packs a ton of flavor, and includes soft tortillas and cheddar cheese is our kind of dinner. Plus–it’s kid-friendly.

Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

You’ll also get a flavor punch from green olives, herbs, and lemon for the ultimate sheet-pan weight-loss meal.

Roasted Chicken and Potato With Kale

This vegetarian-friendly dinner is packed with protein from beans and Greek yogurt, and the sweet potatoes and kale provide vitamin B6 for an all-around nutritious dinner.

Veggies on Sweet Potato Mash

Potatoes, bacon, onions, mustard, and delicate cod are roasted on a single sheet pan that comes together in 30 minutes flat.

Fish Chowder Sheet Pan Bake

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