Best Signature Food in Every USA State

If there's one thing Alabamians go "nuts" for, it's pecan pie — and can you blame them? With its sticky, syrupy filling and flaky crust, this pie is easy to love. 

Alabama: Pecan Pie

Still today, smoked salmon remains beloved in Alaska, where it’s often eaten plain or on a slice of crusty bread. 

Alaska: Smoked Salmon

Traditionally, it's also served with a roasted yellow chile pepper on the side.

Arizona: Sonoran Hot Dog

Many say it’s a tradition that dates back to their grandmothers, who passed the gravy recipe down from generation to generation. 

Arkansas: Chocolate Gravy

Some like it sweet with sliced fruit and a drizzle of honey, while others prefer it savory with a hard-boiled egg or sprinkling of sea salt.

California: Avocado Toast

Don’t be fooled by the name. Rocky Mountain oysters aren’t actually seafood at all — rather, they’re a bull calf's testicles. 

Colorado: Rocky Mountain Oysters

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