Best Weight Loss Lunches That Are 400 Calories or Less

By Jamie Leach

Tuna provides protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

1 Tuna 

Nut butter is a plant-based protein source and a source of fiber. This is a wonderful option for vegetarians.

2 Peanut Butter

Bento boxes can be tailored to your weight loss objectives in an infinite number of ways. 

3 Bento Box

Vegetable patties appear in a variety of forms, with soy-based patties typically having a higher protein content. 

4 Veggie Burger

Chili is a winter staple for many, but its preparation and cooking can take hours. 

5 Four-Ingredient Chili

Chicken in a can is often overlooked as a source of protein, despite the fact that it is so simple to incorporate into dishes.

6 Chicken Salad 

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