Fast-Food Meals for Weight Loss

By Jamie Leach

The Taco Bell Power Menu Bowl is an excellent option for fast-food that is nutritious. 

1 Taco bell bowl

You can choose almost anything from Sweetgreen and receive a meal that is brimming with vegetables.

2 Sweetgreen

The salad contains berries, which provide a natural sweetness and antioxidant increase.

3 Chick-fil-A Market Salad

270 calories, and a 6-inch on wheat will provide you with fiber and protein.

4 Subway 6-inch Turkey Sub

Then add a variety of greens, lean protein, and avocado and olives for healthful fats.

5 Greens and Grains Bowl

Pair it with their Fresh Fruit Cup or Kale Crunch Salad for a boost of substantial fiber.

6 Chicken Sandwich

6 High Fiber Foods You Should Eat