Mediterranean Diet Recipes Ready in Just 30 Minutes

By Jamie Leach

If there are any leftovers, which rarely happens, I pile them into pitas for lunches the next day! 

Feta Garbanzo Bean Salad

The lemon pulls this flavorful and healthy dish together. You can use grated Parmesan cheese instead of Romano if you'd like.

Cod and Asparagus Bake

This salmon with garlicky beans and spinach won him over at first bite.

Salmon with Spinach & White Beans

While I was visiting my cousin Lilliana in Italy, she made this heavenly chicken for lunch. Now it's a family favorite stateside, too.

Skillet Chicken with Olives

On a really busy day, this meal in a bowl is one of my top picks. It's quick to put together, leaving a lot more time to relax at the table.

Mediterranean Pork and Orzo

Wine and mushrooms lend elegance to this oh-so-simple pork dish. Use pre-sliced mushrooms and minced garlic to save time. Cleanup is one-pan easy.

Elegant Pork Marsala

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