The Top Superfood Snacks for Losing Stomach Fat

By Jamie Leach

The idea behind the best 100-calorie snacks for weight loss is a bowl of hummus with vegetables on board.

Hummus with Veggies

This food is low in calories and full of healthy nutrients. It also tastes great. 

Apple with Nut Butter

If you want to lose weight, then the next time you want a snack, make a healthy bowl of cottage cheese with berries.

Cottage Cheese with Berries

As a snack, making a fresh fruit drink will help you get more nutrients and keep you full until your next meal. 


Next, a tasty superfood snack that you'll enjoy making and eating is canned tuna with grain-free bread. 

Canned Tuna 

Chia seed pudding is the best thing to eat when you want something sweet. 


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