Your Best Ways to Beat Belly Fat

By Jamie Leach

You don't need to consume a sack of your grandmother's prunes to get enough fiber. Greens, whole cereals, nuts, and beans are all beneficial for preventing the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Get More Fiber

As you begin to lose weight, your entire body will benefit, including the belly fat that is concealed from view.

Best Thing You Can Do

Keep portions of these foods smaller than you normally would, for example. And examine nutrition labels to determine the amount of calories and fat per serving.

Be Choosy About Fat

High-intensity exercise, such as a 30-second sprint or an intense set of pullups, may be more effective and easier to work into your schedule

Stop Trying to Outrun It

If you don't sleep much or toss and turn, consider going to bed early, relaxing before bedtime, keeping your bedroom cold, and not texting or emailing before bed.


That can increase fat and sugar intake and cortisol, which increases belly fat. Stress can also reduce sleep, exercise, and alcohol consumption, which can increase abdominal fat. 

Keep Calm

6 High Fiber Foods You Should Eat